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When Alone…

Go to Hongdae~~! Or don’t, because all the couples might depress you

But still it was fun!! I went to the super busy are near Exit 9 for the first time and saw like five street performers in a row, from dance crews to solo guitarists to freestyle rappers to singers to this guy playing a traditional Korean instrument of some kind. I had a delicious 호떡 (Hoddeok) and got a bubble tea and watched a bunch of couples throwing darts and popping balloons to win stuffed animals and it was so nice!!

The only weird part was when the guy at the 호떡 stand asked me where I was from, and when I said A @ merica, he asked if I was rich. I was like “……. not especially. No not really.” Seriously I didn’t know people would actually think I was rich because I’m from America. That’s new.


The best way to freak out your neighbors.

So the people living next to us apparently got into a fight. Two girls. Screaming, slapping, crying, yelling….
After panicking with my roommate I got a friend to call the police because when panicked I don’t really remember my Korean very well….

Needless to say we are still totally freaked out but at least I’m no longer shaking from adrenaline and her from fear…. I hate myself for not going over there and doing something myself sooner, but in was reassured that that would be a really bad idea…

Still though…. Talk about an eventful night….

Things accomplished today…

  • Woke up in time for class despite the ever growing difficulty that is morning.
  • We picked a song for our 노래대회 (song competition). We’re doing the theme song from Dream High. Which leads to the next thing….
  • So there’s this guy in my class who’s a bit of a slacker/know-it-all who often skips class and talked about how he should be in Level 4 because he knows so much (but his spelling is garbage, along with his attitude). Anyway, when we announced the song choice on our group KakaoTalk chat he complained and I told him off and got exactly the response I was looking for so go me. I hate being the bearer of hard news, but his complaints about the song being embarrassing irritated me and pushed me to it.
  • Met up with the roomie in her favorite café in the basement of school, and successfully re-pulled the still-healing muscles in my poor ankle (I totally heard like eight snaps. I think I should just get a new ankle….)
  • Went to the bank and got money from my bank account back home sent by the curtesy of my amazing dad :) (whojustsohappenstobecomingtovisitmeindecember~~!)
  • Went to the 학생회관 (student center) and got my gorgeous letterman jacket with faux leather sleeves and it’s gonna be so warm as it keeps getting colder~~!
  • Got Bacon/Potato pizza delivery and had some Japanese beer in a can with the roomie and we only had one beer which made both of us super sleepy so I’ve been struggling to stay awake since about 7:30….
  • Doing a Lemon face mask right now and finally updating Tumblr way late. Oops

Soon I shall be going to bed…. Way too tired. This weekend has been filled with too much adulting, from playing detective because of an odd smell in the room that kept my roommate awake and turned out to be rotting food (oops again) to being excited about getting bedsheets in the mail to just day to day living stuff like learning how to make edible stuff cook. And yet I still don’t really feel like an adult…. Then again, what does being an adult feel like…?

Samgyupsal, Surveys, Small Spaces, and Sleeping in Class

Hmmm let’s see… what have I been up to lately?

The other day my friend and I went out to a Samgyupsal Restaurant where my friend and I ordered three orders of Samgyupsal by the end of the night, and even though we only ordered two beers, but since my roommate’s beer was basically frozen/slushy-fied so I told the Ajumma and she brought us another one for free. Awesome. We were pretty tipsy by the time we left, so we walked back towards Sinchon (we were in Sinchon, but we were sort of on one of those side/back streets where there basically wasn’t anything else, we just gave up got super lucky and found the place we ate at. Anyway, one of the guys who sat down next to us after the first two left was super cute, so I attempted to converse with him by asking what kind of meat they got (apparently it was 된장삼겹살 (Soybeanpaste covered Samgyupsal) and I have to try that next time). But I couldn’t really say much else because I was tipsy and super embarrassed. There were so many people that we ended up basically sitting at a table with other people. But we all ended up ignoring each other for the most part, but something like that would never fly in America :P

So anyway, after that we walked to the main road of Sinchon, where we watched these hiphop dancers some more, and then got bubble tea, and then sat on the wooden stage made up from the ground (I really don’t know how to explain it) and watched/listened to these really good musicians called 2beat doing a small show for their album release (Silver Linings) and sat there for a long time, it was nice. I made my roommate leave with me because it was getting super cold and I was super tired.

The next day we went to Sinchon again and what did we do……?

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