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Two More Days…

Sooooo today is basically my last day in South Carolina. Tomorrow, my dad and I are driving down to Atlanta and we’re going to say in a hotel overnight(ish) and then my flight leaves at an ungodly hour on Friday.

I have a total of three suitcases, all stuffed to the max, and still a bunch of crap left that I can’ take with me… *uglysobs* I’ve updated my iTunes library, my iPod, my nook, and I even got a new computer (because my computer died in a pathetic and ridiculous fashion last weekend…. [although it was like four years old]{superduperoutdated}).

I said my goodbyes yesterday to my best friend. I didn’t cry, but I think that’s because it just still doesn’t really feel real yet, y’know? But it’s starting to I think…. seeing my room like this, and everyone keeps telling me that I’m going to have the adventure of a lifetime and to be safe and keep in contact…. It’s just weird.

I know I should be like

But in reality I’m more like

And tomorrow and Friday and Saturday (when I get to Korea) I’ll probably just be like

But hopefully by next week (after I find a house, get through the placement test, and get started with classes aka after I die, then I’ll be able to start really enjoying my time and start to realize that this is probably one of the best things to ever happen to me


Okayyyyyy so I’ve recently had a pretty major setback in my plans for Korea. Don’t get be wrong, I’m still going and still enrolled in the program and everything. The only thing is different is that I don’t actually know where I’ll be living anymore. I thought I’d be staying in the SK Global dorms, but I was rejected (*angrysobs*).
Sooooo now I have to find a new home!! My parents are on board for helping my pay for an apartment/officetel/one-room/whatever when I get there, but it would really be great to also find a roommate. It would help both of us out financially, since it’d cut all of the bills in half. And I’m reaching out on tumblr because I think all of y’all are cooler and safer and much more compatible. It’d be even cooler if you’re also going to KLI, and even more wide-spread-adventurous if you’re not. So just hit me up if you’re looking for a roommate. I can give you my Kakaotalk or Facebook on private message if you want to talk more about it.
But anyway, I’m still excited and still looking forward to going. Maybe even a little bit more now. It’s a new challenge which will have even more rewards (like an at-home coffee machine…. ^.^)

honeybbc-kr asked:

Hello! I'm going to Yonsei KLI in Fall too!! I hope to be there for like a year as well, I know no one going there so can we be friends? lol I'm sorry if this is weird!

Yeah, we could totally be friends!! It’s always fun to meet new people. Where are you going to be staying?? Are you taking the placement test or starting out in level one??

Getting Closer to Korea!!

Okay so here’s an update on my plans for Korea.
• I have my official acceptance letter to Yonsei’s KLI for the next two terms
• I booked my plans ticket last night!! (7:30am…. At an airport 4 hours away from my house. Yayyyy. But oh well!!)
• My grandma and aunt bought me a matching three piece purple luggage set which I have decked out in neon green accessories. Ohhhhh yessssss
• I am currently looking into a guesthouse for the two-ish days that I’ll be in Korea before I [hopefully] move into the SK Global dorms at Yonsei. I still need to apply, so that’s gonna be stressful, but I have plans to apply as soon as it opens up!!
• I sold my car and got a job so that I can have money in Korea and, y’know, eat, and stuff…. >.>
• I got two new pairs of shoes. Which is a big deal, for me. Because it’s been over two years since I’ve bought shoes, and they don’t have my shoe size in Korea…. *sobs*

Now all that’s left is to get info about my visa and then go get it. Oh and I need a tuberculosis test for the dorms. Ideally I’d like to lose some weight too, but life is being difficult right now. I’m attempting but so far it’s not happening :/
But whatever!! I will be in Korea in just under 3 months. So that’s what matters ^.^


For the hysteria of touching B.A.P at the High Touch event at the LOE London concert, I kind of ended up buying… 7 signed copies of First Sensibility. The albums take up about half of my room so I’m giving you all a chance to win these and have them shipped to you for FREE!

The albums I have are signed by~
✩ Yongguk
✩ Himchan
✩ Daehyun
✩ Jongup

General info~
✩ This is FREE - you don’t have to pay anything.
✩ You have to be allowed to tell me your address.
✩ The albums will be chosen at random.
✩ You will get a random members photocard.
✩ There will be 6 winners, because I want to keep one.
✩ If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

A few rules~
✩ You have to be following me.
✩ Max 2 reblogs in 24 hours.
✩ Likes counts.
✩ Your ask must be open.
✩ You must reply within 24 hours.

The giveaway will end on Saturday, June 21st 2014 at 11PM CET.

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